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A Year For Values, Vision & Vitality

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It's a new year, I've relocated to some new digs, and I have three new ventures... yet one thing holds constant - values.

In the past, I've set lofty goals, planned out specific moments, and aimed to 'achieve' something with my life. It's a viewpoint I know a lot of us have been conditioned to share, and one that makes us believe we are imperfect without an 'I did this...' statement.

I feel as if day-to-day presence gets lost on us. That happiness is fleeting because it is somehow viewed as an accomplishment, something obtained through achievement... thus continually kicking fulfillment down the road.

What if, instead, an imperfect present moment was impossible. That what's in front of you is divinely timed, and a focus on a few simple daily inputs guaranteed an outcome... one that always turns out better than you could image.

For me, I often find myself getting caught up in the 'next' thing... the next race, company, milestone, etc. While working towards something, I feel, is of paramount importance, I also believe that devaluing the compounding impact of consistent action is extremely naive.

What has worked wonders for me in the past is implementing a daily 3 to thrive.

My 3 to thrive are 3 actions, that, if completed daily, will compound exponentially and amount to what was previously thought unattainable. They also appear to be so simplistic that missing them feels like a challenging... and that's the point. Placing an emphasis on the input puts you in the drivers seat of your life, and as long as you maintain alignment, an outcome (which may not be the initial one you set out to accomplish) is always guaranteed.

My 3 to Thrive:
  1. Morning Movement (30 Minutes Min. Prior to 10 AM)
  2. Deep Work (One 90-Minute Min. Focused Block)
  3. Education (One 30-Minute Min. Podcast/Book)

This equates to 16% of my waking hours, and when completed in the morning, the rest of my day feels like a bonus.

By placing my focus on these three inputs I cover my health, wealth, and relationships. In the past I had a page long list of things I MUST do each day to feel fulfilled... but what I came to realize is most of the perceived important tasks were actually detractors from that which I truly wanted.

2024, for me, is a year of value based decisions, loving openly, trusting fully, and staying consistent on my inputs.

I'd love to know your daily 3 to thrive... or how you think about structuring a new year!
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Show up... regardless of your complaints. 1% is always greater than 0.

"It’s in the moments of question you must act on your knowledge, not on your emotion." - Steven



Be concerned with what is right, never who is right.

"A fit body, a calm mind, and a house full of love. These things must be earned." - Naval



Tell the truth, always... no matter the possible outcome.

"When you shut off one emotion, you shut them all off." - Maddison



Quote On My Mind:

"You don't create greatness in search of an outcome...
Greatness is a devotional practice.."

﹣Rick Rubin

I've always assumed fulfillment lies on the other side of accomplishment.
... yet when I look inward, the opposite rings true.


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I stumbled upon one of the most profound carousels I have ever read last night.
One that so elegantly broke the frame I just discussed above... the achievement frame.

I would highly recommend you take 30 seconds to read this.




I started the Inputs Only Newsletter in 2023, and it provided a needed weekly dose of introspection.

This year I plan to share the same, except completely different. As is life.

I promise to document honestly and share openly.

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