Kevin Wathey

Kevin Wathey is an entrepreneur, international retreat leader, and highly sought-after 7-figure life and business strategist. He founded SYNCHRONICITY in 2017 to help others effectively design their destiny.


How To Never Forget Anything Ever Again

I’ve dedicated the better part of the last three years to growth.

Refining, systemizing, and simplifying all aspects of my life.

A large part of this process is extracting inspired insights that present themself during your day.


The problem…...

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The Single Trait That Made Me Successful

Other than death, life has no absolutes.

What now serves as my greatest strength once crippled me.

Five years ago I was drunk, down and didn’t have...

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How You Can Travel The World For Free

There's an opportunity brewing for those with location independence... and if you're now part of the remote working community, chances are you want...

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Why You're Confusing Wealth For Self-Worth

The bigger the business... the more important I will be.


This was the belief dictating every action, decision & choice I made over the past decade.

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A Simple System For Content Creation in 2023

We're born perfect.


Crafted in a way that guarantees actualization of purpose...

... should we choose to remain in evolutionary alignment through...

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From Tragedy To Triumph... A Quest For Fulfillment

It’s quite fascinating how different one's life can look in a matter of months from what appear, at the time, to be relatively minor decisions…...

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3x Your Productivity & Double Your Profits

A common belief amongst entrepreneurs is that ‘hustle’ is synonymous with success. Don’t get me wrong, there is a time and place in the early stages...

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The Ultimate Guide To Mindset Mastery As An Entrepreneur

Energy flows where your attention (focus) goes and being able to command your attention is a brilliant step towards mindset mastery, both within your...

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