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Kevin Wathey

Kevin Wathey is an entrepreneur, international retreat leader, and highly sought-after 7-figure life and business strategist. He founded SYNCHRONICITY in 2017 to help others effectively design their destiny.


Solve For Relations In A Transactional World

It felt counterintuitive... giving something with no receipt.Not only that, but no linear repayment structure in sight.

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Creative Finance: How To Get To Yes

Real estate never interested me in the past... due to its ubiquitous nature.It was a limited perspective surrounding something with infinite...

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Definitive & Definite: Controlling Your Narrative

The awareness watching, engaging, and creating podcasts provides is unmatched.A long form way of observing how you show up for yourself and others......

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Reflection: The Art & Science of Progress

I've noticed a pattern in myself... one that coincides with moments of immense growth.It appeared to be insignificant at first, yet turned out to be...

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Complicity: It's Always ALL Your Fault

In the past, I've caught myself saying "How crazy is that?" in response to synchronistic moments...... yet I believe if we zoom out, our lives become...

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Inputs Only: A Focus On First Principles

There has been a lot of talk around inputs in my social circle lately, and I've loved it!I'm not sure if it's due to frequency illusion, (...

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Systemization: The Secret To Doing It All

An input of mine that I've come to value is my ability to identify patterns...... and not just identify, but interrupt and create anew -...

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Community: Creating The Family You Crave

A little over 2 years ago I moved to LA on a whim.Wanting to avoid another Arizona summer, I fled to the beaches of Malibu.

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Obsession: An Unacceptable Strength

Obsession is your greatest strength.

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Kevin 2.0: How I Used AI To Clone Myself

There comes a point where the rate of technological advancement surpasses what we've seen in the past. An exponential curve generated by those who...

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