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Solve For Relations In A Transactional World

It felt counterintuitive... giving something with no receipt.Not only that, but no linear repayment structure in sight.

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Creative Finance: How To Get To Yes

Real estate never interested me in the past... due to its ubiquitous nature.It was a limited perspective surrounding something with infinite...

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Definitive & Definite: Controlling Your Narrative

The awareness watching, engaging, and creating podcasts provides is unmatched.A long form way of observing how you show up for yourself and others......

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Reflection: The Art & Science of Progress

I've noticed a pattern in myself... one that coincides with moments of immense growth.It appeared to be insignificant at first, yet turned out to be...

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Complicity: It's Always ALL Your Fault

In the past, I've caught myself saying "How crazy is that?" in response to synchronistic moments...... yet I believe if we zoom out, our lives become...

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Inputs Only: A Focus On First Principles

There has been a lot of talk around inputs in my social circle lately, and I've loved it!I'm not sure if it's due to frequency illusion, (...

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Decision Dynamics: My View On Problems

I define the act of entrepreneurship as seeing, and solving problems - often ones that others often can't. This requires a bit of skill, a...

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Priming Your Space For Energetic Success

I've spent a lot of time in new space(s) the last two years (no home, no lease, and 300+ hotel nights in 20 countries).

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A Year For Values, Vision & Vitality

It's a new year, I've relocated to some new digs, and I have three new ventures... yet one thing holds constant - values.

In the past, I've set lofty...

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Platinum Partners: The Tony Robbins Cult

A few weeks ago I wrote about Self-Sabotage, and how I was first introduced to the Tony Robbins world during a team offsite. On day 3 of that event,...

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