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Self-Sabotage: An Invisible Threat To Your Success

It's What You Know For Sure That Just AIn't So...

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Entrepreneurship: More Than Just Business

In 2020, after leading retreats for 3 years, I believed the next step for me was to open an 11,000 sq/ft multi-purpose gym in Scottsdale, Arizona....

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So You Want To Be A Retreat Facilitator?

5 Continents & 30+ Retreats Later... Here's What I've Learned

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Boundaries & Biases (A Quest for Clarity)

I first started these newsletters as a lead generator for my offers...

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Pattern Recognition (Trigger to Triumph)

We often repeat patterns until we absorb the lessons they teach...

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Consistency (The Art of Creation)

My life can be categorized through a series of pivots.

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Discipline in Service of Creativity

I have always been an 'all-in' type of person.

Attributing my ability to have a monomaniacal focus a superpower...

... but it has, at times, has...

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Comfort vs. Ease (Living With Grace)

I'm notorious for being hard on myself.

... for punishing myself if I overslept.

... for pushing the limit to see where I break.

... and for tempting...

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Environmental Anchors: How To Create Yourself

Ever notice how certain environments create specific internal states?

How intentionally designed a 5-star resort is…

How complementary the service...

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Identity Development: Same Input, Different Output

Until recently, I thought trauma was bullshit.

… and I still do after hearing Dr. Gabor Mate’s definition.

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