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Mastering Info Products: Monetize Your Expertise

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The educational system is quickly being transformed…

… and online courses have gained immense popularity.


Gone are the days where a 4-year degree is a requirement to enter the workforce (unless, of course, you’ve specifically chosen a profession that requires a formal one).


It’s not possible to seek out someone who has mastered a particular skill…

… enroll in a course created by them

… learn from anywhere in the world on your own time

… and reach a very high level of competence in a short period of time


Not only this, the course creator has the ability to make an incredible living as well.

*A well structured info product business can have margins as high as 95%


</the psychology>

You may believe that you have no expertise whatsoever…

… but that negates all of the years of experience that got you to this point.


Your life is a unique combination of every experience that came before…

… and it’s these experiences that have prepared you for where you are today.


I’m a big proponent of taking massive action before you feel that you’re ready.

This is a wonderful opportunity for you to do the same.



If you can’t give $1 out of $10, you’re not going to give $100,000 out of $1 Million.


Meaning - the action precedes the desired outcome… generosity in this case.



I like to use the Japanese concept of Ikigai to help clients find that which they’re an expert at.


The concept states that we are in search of a passion that give value and joy to life.

It is the intersection between:


  • What You Love
  • What You’re Good At
  • What The World Needs
  • What You Can Be Paid For


Before continuing… take a moment to list your ‘gut-response’ answers to these.


</the system>

Once you’ve uncovered the topic in question, course creation becomes very simple.


Answer the following questions to create a basic outline of who the course is for:


  • Who is the ideal person to take this course? (Think of only one person)
  • Where does that ideal person hang out online? (Marketing)
  • What does that ideal person want to accomplish? (Sales)
  • What does that ideal person need the most help with? (Course Features)
  • What does that ideal person not know that they should? (Course Content)


Once you have answered these questions it’s time for you to create a wireframe.


A wireframe is a schematic or blueprint that is used for helping identify what content gets added and where… and how much of what to include.


As a general rule of thumb, especially since attention spans are decreasing… you want no more than 5 modules that contain no more than 5 submodules, and each submodule has a video & call to action that is no longer than 15 minutes.


The secret to successful course creation is simple.


Get the participant to the desired outcome in the shortest amount of time possible.


If you truly are an expert, you’re going to want to add a bunch of nonsense to the content to provide your significance… DON’T!


Refer to your wireframe frequently and only include the absolute necessities.


After all, if they want ALL of the information you have they’ll request to work with you personally… and at a much, much higher price point.


</the technology>

Once the course has been wireframed, compiled, and recorded… it’s time to take it live.


You can do this in an infinite number of ways… but here are a few of my favorites.


  • Create A Google Sheet
    • You can honestly house everything in a Google Sheet, add the videos to YouTube (unlisted) and link them in the sheet… along with any coursework required.


  • Use A Course Platform Such As Teachable
    • This is where my courses are hosted strictly for ease of use and a seamless user experience. They integrate with Stripe and include sales pages so you can have everything under one roof.


Still need help?

A friend of mine just built the first AI Course Creation platform… Courses.AI 


Check it out… it may be exactly what you need to gain momentum and create the business you’ve always dreamt of.

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