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8th Wonder Of The World (Boring Work)

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Life, to me, has become a game of momentum.

A series of repeated actions that gain weight through compounding to create a life.


The problem, if you're driven, is you never feel as if you're doing enough.

Often leading to dropping the ball on what was working in the first place.


I've done this time and again. Life gets really good, and then, consciously or subconsciously...

... I do something that reverts me back to a previous level, and with it goes my momentum.


It's palpable in sports, but when the competition is within yourself... you don't realize it until it's gone.

Thankfully, it's never from absolute zero due to the experience gained.


While I still experience this, it's much less frequently than I used to.

... but because I know better, now it stings a bit more.


We know what we must do, we all do... often we merely choose not to.


What I've come to realize, for me, is compounding exists at the highest degree in boring work.


In your daily workouts that often become mundane...

In the continued choosing of the 'healthier alternative'...

In the ongoing abstinence from alcohol, and especially in excess...

In the repetitive (insert the top 3 - 5 major categories for you).


Often referred to as the "8th wonder of the world" by Einstein...

... compounding creates momentum and catapults you to levels previously unobtainable.


The secret doesn't exist in the belief that you must do everything, everywhere, all at once...

... it lies in the simple fact that you must focus on your 'majors,' the categories that matter most to you.


Often referred to as the three primary markets (health, wealth and relationships)...

... by choosing just one action in each category, and sticking to it, the momentum you'll gain is incomprehensible.


Life is happening for you, never to you, and when you want something...

... the whole universe conspires in order for you to achieve it.


You just need to get out of your own way.


To do so you'll have to ask yourself the question...

What am I willing to say no to that's preventing me from staying consistent in the boring work?


... and therein lies what I believe to be the secret to unimaginable success.

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