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Priming Your Space For Energetic Success

I've spent a lot of time in new space(s) the last two years (no home, no lease, and 300+ hotel nights in 20 countries).

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Does A Structured Routine Serve Me?

A Question I'm Meditating On:

When does routine serve me, and when does it not?

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8th Wonder Of The World (Boring Work)

Life, to me, has become a game of momentum.

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Focus (Directing Your Energy Intelligently)

For the better part of the last six months I've felt scattered.

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Work vs. Play: Your Identity Crisis

For most of my life, I’ve lived two lives.

I have my professional life.

The one I've crafted to control my external perception.

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The Spontaneity Game (Installing Novelty)

There are *six basic human emotions.

Thousands of variations within each.

Yet most only experience the same eight shades every day…

… making life...

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Emotional Anchors (Creating Consistency On Demand)

Emotions are energy in motion.

Patterns of being that get installed on a subconscious level through experience(s).

One problem is that most create...

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Monk Mode (How To Get What You Want)

You’re not fulfilled. 

… not because you have what you want…

… but because you feel like you’re not progressing toward something you do..

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How To Never Forget Anything Ever Again

I’ve dedicated the better part of the last three years to growth.

Refining, systemizing, and simplifying all aspects of my life.

A large part of...

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A Simple System For Content Creation in 2023

We're born perfect.

Crafted in a way that guarantees actualization of purpose...

... should we choose to remain in evolutionary alignment through...

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