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Creating Presence (Meditating on Impermanence)

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Flexibility is something I've struggled with most of my life.

Not because I'm opposed to change, but because I've associated the word with leniency.

I think of leniency as an enemy of consistency...

... and balance as an enemy of greatness.


Because of this, my world has been black and white.

A binary state in which grey area doesn't exist...

... and commitments are spells cast directing me toward the man I want be.


That's how I lived the first 30 years of my life... and now I'm seeing there is much more color to be discovered.

Not with the introduction of leniency, but in the simplification of what I value.


</the system>

Values, Values... and Values

If there is anything that I know to be true, it's that we don't rise to the level of our goals...

... we fall to the level of our standards - and that is the biggest lever we have in creating the life we want.


To be clear on what you value creates an impenetrable foundation... a concrete platform on which to build a life.

It simplifies the number of variables in your decision-making process, keeps you in alignment with what YOU want.


Once your core values* are in place you have space to whip out the watercolors and paint a one-of-one.

*You get in life not what you want, but who you are.


</the Psychology>

Simplify and Let Flow

Simplicity scales... complexity fails - both in business and in your life.


The more simplistic the process of eliminating what is not for you via your values...

... the easier it will be to exist in a consistent state of aligned flow - the place where life feels connected and whole.


I've found the thing that pulls me farthest from this space is my desire for control.

A desire the stems from believing that anything is ever mine to begin with.


Nothing is ever truly ours...

Nor does owning something mean that it belongs to us.

We simply enjoy people, moments, and experiences as they present themselves.


It’s an acceptance of impermanence.


“Life can’t be the way it was.
It can only be the way it is.” - Nick Dio



Convenience Isn't The Answer

Tech, AI & automation has led us to believe that 'effortless' equates to excellence.

In truth, it tends to lead to the opposite when not replaced with intentional action.


The easier our lives get externally, the more difficult it becomes to find peace internally.


The secret, for me, lies in my ability to remain consistent physically, mentally and spiritually within my top 3 values.


Competitive Greatness - The only person you're ever in competition with is yourself... but when being 'liked' isn't your top value, you can challenge others to become more of what they're capable of because of you.

Unquestionable Character - Do as you say. No matter the cost, convenience or challenge. Your word is all you have.

Sincere Candor - Conflict delayed is conflict multiplied, and a conversation doesn't have to be comfortable to be had.


"Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced." – Soren Kierkegaard


Know what you stand for and let the rest flow.


Happy Sunday!


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