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A Kind Gesture That Sabotages Relationships

Control is a topic that has been at the forefront of my mind recently.Resurfacing after I stumbled upon The Knowledge Project Podcast #196.

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3 Steps To Be More Present

I spent the weekend before the 4th off-grid in Big Sur, California... and I'm embarrassed to say, it was the first time since my South African safari...

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Meditating on Change

Change is an interesting subject.

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When Work Inhibits The Real Work

I've felt less called to write recently... not because of any type of creative block, but because I've been sharing much more openly with those in my...

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Finding Presence in Being

As much as I say I want novelty in my life, my primary behavior is that of certainty.

Certain emotional statesCertain patterns of thinkingCertain...

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31... A Lap Around The Sun

I've been writing less, experiencing more... thinking less, feeling more.

I took a brief hiatus from early morning writing in an effort to be less...

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A Hack To Calm Your Mind

In college I thought I wanted to be a writer.

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Everything, Everywhere, All At Once

Change happens gradually, and then suddenly.Everything exists in equilibrium, and then nothing at all.

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You're Playing With The Wrong Set of Rules

I spent this past weekend at the Money Is conference in Los Angeles.

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Solve For Relations In A Transactional World

It felt counterintuitive... giving something with no receipt.Not only that, but no linear repayment structure in sight.

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