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Emotional Anchors (Creating Consistency On Demand)

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Emotions are energy in motion.

Patterns of being that get installed on a subconscious level through experience(s).

One problem is that most create emotional homes from a place of belief... rather than experience.

One founded upon false perceptions of how the world actually is.

This is because reality is nothing more than your perception of it.


Beliefs do not install or reinforce emotional states on a level deep enough to create sustainable consistency.

This is why repetition is the mother of all development.


If we look at experience(s)… the stronger they are, the deeper the installation goes.

Hence why ‘trauma’ often becomes a habitual baseline.


These ‘traumatic’ experiences act as pattern interrupts for the subconscious...
... and are often the strongest forms of emotion you will experience in your lifetime.


The question I want to propose is:

What if you set your own emotional anchors instead?


If you could choose what and where your baseline(s) existed.

… and better yet, you were able to recall emotional states at will.


Today you’re going to learn how to do exactly that.


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</the psychology>

I’ve studied psychology for the better part of the last decade…

... and have had to create my own models of the world to cope.


We all have.


What I’ve found to be true is that we don’t rise to the level of our goals…

… we fall to the level of our standards (which are set by our emotional baselines).


A baseline is ‘what we will accept’.


Always having problems with relationships, finances, health, etc?


It’s because you’re still willing to accept that which you’re used to subjecting yourself to.


This is why lottery winners go broke.

This is why you always seem to weigh the same amount.

This is why abusive relationships happen time and again.

This is why your bank account always floats around the same number.


Habitual behavior is hardly ever something that is intentional…

… but rather emotional.


Most people's thoughts today are the same ones they had yesterday…

… hence why their lives don’t change much.


The quality of your life thus becomes the quality of your habitual emotions.


For me, this was an ‘always something’ belief.


If things were going great, subconsciously I’d be thinking ‘always something’...

… what would pop up that I ‘had’ to then deal with - pulling me back to my baseline.


Here’s how I set a new standard.

</the system>

You don’t know what you don’t know…

… and in the case of habitual emotions, you’ve never felt anything different - so why expect change?


We all know someone who is always upset, always negative, or always worried.

That is because that is their emotional home… what’s known to them and certain.


As with anything, awareness is the first step to change.


So how do we become aware of what is habitual?


Intentional Stress


When you seek discomfort you challenge yourself to think different.


In doing so, you come toe-to-toe with what’s known… and dip a toe into the unknown.


This is because under stress you return to what’s comfortable, your ‘home’…

… and since you’re doing it with intention, you are giving yourself the opportunity to become aware of it.


It can be micro, so you’ll need to tune in.

… but if this is your first entrance to this type of work, it’ll be macro and very recognizable.


My recommendation would be to commit to one month of cold exposure.


Not only because it will immediately bring subconscious beliefs to the surface...

... but because there are immense health benefits too.


If you can’t find a cold plunge, pool or river… double your exercise regime for the next 30.

*I.e. - If you run 10 miles per week, make it 20. The first week will be novel. It's once things set in that you’ll begin to expose where your mind wants to go habitually, so pay attention.

</the technology>

This sounds trivial, I know… growth is simple.

All it requires is sustainable consistency and something to challenge patterns.


The most difficult part is creating the awareness to notice patterns within yourself.


It’s easy to see them in someone else when it’s physical…

… it’s harder to see it in yourself when it’s emotional.


You yourself are the most advanced technology that exists… treat yourself as such.


Now, there are different areas that patterns exist...

... and the more of senses they involve, the stronger they are.


In the same hand, the more senses you involve to set a new anchor… the stronger it will be.


The five senses are visual (seeing), auditory (hearing), tactile (touch), gustatory (taste), and olfactory (smell).


I’ll give you steps to install a new emotional anchor below.




If there was one thing about you that you’re proud of, what would it be?

You can also exchange ‘proud’ for ‘grateful’ or ‘excited’.

Either way, get very clear on what it is for you.



How does it feel within you when you focus on that thing?

Where does that show up in your body?

How intense is it, and can you amplify it?


The mind cannot differentiate between real and imagined experiences.

Your ability to feel something as real before it exists is a skill that you can learn.


This is the basis of all legitimate manifestations.



When you feel that emotion, what sound do you want to make?

Where does the sound originate from?

If you wanted to intensify it, how would you?



When you make that sound, what movement do you want to do?

If you wanted to make the movement more expansive, what would you do?

Is the movement repeatable? If not, make it so.



Combine these together to create an emotional anchor.


The deeper you can feel, emote, express and move when creating the anchor the deeper the installation…

... and the easier recalled.


Play with the ingredients until you get something that feels right.

*Option to include a smell and/or taste as well.



Repeat this combination 3x per day… only after visualizing and feeling the emotion.


The stronger the feeling, focus, sound & movement, the deeper the new emotional anchor.

The deeper it gets installed, the easier it's recalled.


What you’re aiming for is the ability to recall a new emotional state at will.


Thus the action, sound, taste, and smell will allow you to enter a new emotional home at will…

... creating the ability to state-shift at a moment's notice.


Rather than living the same emotions everyday and getting the same outcomes…

… shift your state and watch as your actions, decisions & choices change as well.


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