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Igniting Creativity via Physical Challenges

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The past few weeks I have been building a new offer.

At points, the creation energy hasn't been there... and instead of forcing it, I've leaned into physical challenges.

... and when I say physical challenges, I mean pushing myself to my physical limits.


I ran my first Triathlon on April 30th. (Placed top 10 (Age Group) at 2:45:22)

I ran my first Spartan Beast on May 20th. (Placed top 10 (Age Group) at 5:26:10)

I ran my first Marathon on June 4th. (Placed top 10% (Overall) at 3:29:15)


These challenges no only reminded me of how strong I am, but also gave me a vote of confidence in myself.


The best part... after each race I have been ignited with creative energy.


Creativity is a hidden treasure that we all have.
It can be unlocked by exploring new experiences, pushing ourselves beyond our comfort, & harnessing sexual urges.

What's worked for me lately is to embrace physical challenges.


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The Body and Brain Connection

Our body and brain work together as a powerful system that influences our creativity.

Physical challenges stimulate our senses, activate different parts of the brain, and help increase resilience.

All of this leads to enhanced creativity.

Emotion (the root of creative expression) is nothing more than energy in motion.


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Overcoming Limits and Fostering Growth

Challenges also have a profound impact on our psychology.

It teaches us the value of perseverance, determination, and grit.

When we push ourselves beyond our perceived limits, we expand our comfort zones and discover hidden strengths.

Failure becomes a stepping stone to success and leads to increased self-confidence and willingness to take risks.



The Tools of Creative Expression

Technology has revolutionized the way we express our creativity.

From art and music to filmmaking and writing, technology provides us with limitless possibilities.

For example, tracking and analyzing my physical activity with my Garmin Forerunner 965 has led to changing my sleep patterns so I perform better both physically and mentally throughout the day.

When we open doors to new mediums and tools our creative expression flourishes.


Why You Should Always Challenge Yourself:

Challenging ourselves is not just about achieving a goal; it is a process that brings numerous benefits.
Here are three reasons why I always challenge myself:

  1. Personal Growth: When I force myself to do things I've never done, I live in a perpetual state of uncertainty. Since this is the only true place the present exists, it's a wonderful way to shine light on areas for growth.

  2. Hidden Strengths: There are a lot of things I'm good at... most of which have been conditioned through repetition. Problem is, what I did as a child wasn't always because of my choosing... and by challenging myself I find what I truly enjoy, not what I've been conditioned to enjoy. When you stumble, you find where you stand.

  3. Building Resilience: I'm only here for a short time, and during that time I want to experience all the emotions. Purposely facing challenges head-on builds resilience and trust within myself (which I'd argue is the most important person to trust fully).


If you've been in a rut, or feel like you're lacking creativity, start by recognizing that this is just a different season of life.

Don't be hard on yourself... instead lean into what you're feeling and embrace novelty, challenges, and adventures.

Remember, a journey of challenges is a journey of endless creativity... and who knows what you'll discover on the way.


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