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Intensity (A Unique POV On Presence)

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Six months ago, I dropped in with a new friend group.


We instantly connected over our shared love for exercise, specifically running...

... and we were off to the races, metaphorically speaking.


A few months later it came up in conversation that I intimidated some people in the group.

Not because of physical stature, past accomplishments, or violence...

... but because of how intensely I show up in life.


Initially, I was taken aback thinking, "How could anyone find 'me' intimidating?"

Then I realized the majority of the personal development work I had done to date focused on presence.


It's not that I was 'intimidating' them, but I was a mirror, revealing the depth to which they could go.


Presence is something I actively concentrate on and continue to nurture daily.


It is why my phone's wallpaper says "Energy & Frequency"...

... the two elements of the quantum field in which we have the ability to utilize to alter our present reality.


Taken out of context, this might seem egotistical.

However, I believe if we chose to focus on our power, not our limitations - the world would be a better place.


It's easy to find the negative, and just as easy to find the positive.

Yet, our society rewards complaints and punishes responsibility.


The good news is that everyday you wake up, you have a choice.


Choose presence...

... your future self will thank you.


Happy Saturday!

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