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Does A Structured Routine Serve Me?

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A Question I'm Meditating On:

When does routine serve me, and when does it not?


I've always been fascinated by those whom society considers elite.

It's why I started my first podcast, Systems for Success, and did 125+ interviews.

*... and it's why I'm launching a new Podcast in January '24 titled Inputs Only.


What fascinates me the most are actions, habits, and beliefs...

... because if they are within someones control, they are replicable. (i.e. an Input)


Where I get hung up is in routine itself... where does it serve me, and where not.

Said Differently: Where does uncertainty thrive, and where is consistency needed?


What's interesting is I've experiences both sides of the coin having gone full 'monk mode' for the better part of 2 years, and feel myself being called back into a state of extreme focus, and then traveling for 6+ months following.


It was during my last period of intense focus that I made the greatest advancements in my life, both physically and  monetarily. It is what allowed me to travel, but emotionally I required space to process and grow, hence the itch to explore.


As I write this, I can see both serve(d) a purpose.

... yet in my wanting to always improve, I feel there's always room for optimization.


What I've come to realize is that routine provides the structure through which all spontaneity can occur... at least for me. Without it, I feel aimless & purposeless.


A river needs banks to flow, just as structure allows my life to remain aligned.


Now, one could argue that we're merely the observers of life, and that we must get out of our own way - allowing us to exist in universal energy. That what's meant for us is already predetermined, and we are always right on time.


... and while I believe that to be true, I also believe in the multi-potentiality of it all.


Every action, decision, and belief drives us towards a potential outcome, and every additional a, d, and b creates an unlimited number of new potential outcomes.


Each outcome is predetermined, yet you have the freedom to choose the string of inputs along the way... and the outcomes are dependent on the intention you set.


A little heady, but feels energetically sound... and that's where I've placed my focus.


It's been my experience that when you create routine within the non-negotiables in your days, you create space for synchronicities... and that's where magic lives.


It's how I've been able to be more productive on the road than at 'home.'  

Quote On My Mind:


"In the age of information, ignorance is a choice."

- Joe Dispenza


While I agree it's never been easier to educate oneself. You must challenge yourself to use the tools at your disposal, instead of letting them use you.


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Worth The Listen:


I'm traveling for the next two months and as well as training for an Ultramarathon.. which means I'm logging a lot of headphone time. Podcasts are currently my go-to medium and I've been enjoying Chris Williamson's Modern Mastery Podcast.


Episode - #697
Why Does It Feel Like Everyone Is Losing Their Minds with Konstantin Kisin


A phenomenal listen, and per the description, "Despite living in objectively the best time ever, there is a common trend of people believing that the world is getting worse."

It's a thought I had recently and they explore this belief in a peculiar way.


(Take a listen to it here.)

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