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Obsession: An Unacceptable Strength

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Obsession is your greatest strength.

It's the things you see that others don't that make your process unique to you...
... without them, you would drown in a sea of average - as most unintentionally do.

There are weeks where the words flow through, and others where nothing insightful comes to mind.

This last week was spent deep in the creative pocket preparing for the launch of the Inputs Only Podcast.
What I've come to realize is I'm most fulfilled when I have a meaningful work and a self-imposed deadline.

I may not be the most grounded or centered individual in these times, but there is something to be said for choosing your sprints and diving head first into a worthwhile goal. Yet, it's in these moments I must force myself to breathe.

Left unattended, I would happily work until I fall asleep at my desk - yet I know, from experience, this isn't optimal.
Instead, when I force myself to take breaks, even when unwanted, I put my subconscious to work (*Zeigarnik Effect).

*A psychological principle in which your unconscious mind solves the problems you present it.
If you're only limited by your biggest and most successful thought, are you aware of the inputs you are presenting it?

In all of this, I've come to recognize, or remember, a conditioned belief I've adopted... one I no longer believe true.

Perfectionism is a societally acceptable term procrastinators use to justify doing nothing.

Most people are procrastinators.
They just do not want to own the judgement society places upon that label.

Perfectionism (or OCD) DOES exist... my skin crawls when things are off and I obsess until they are fixed.
I personally find peace in simplicity and do not stop until order is reclaimed... yet I contradict this elsewhere.

What I'm learning is most criticism is actually true, and the only reason you don't like it is because of the judgement you personally attach to it. What if instead, the criticism you complain about is what makes you exceptional?

I.e. - The balance you lack is why you have outsized returns in one arena...

It's these moments that remind me my obsession is often my greatest strength...
... because while optimization is important, maximization will always return a larger result.



Quote On My Mind:

"Success is not meant to be measured by the accomplishments in ones life,
but by the things that must be overcome in order to get what one desires.

﹣Booker T. Washington

When the game revolves around progress,
process becomes your move valuable asset.




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