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The Mirror Principle (Finding Fulfillment)

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The more you do, the more you'll receive.

A belief deeply rooted in our capitalistic, status-driven society.


For most, action is a prerequisite to creating the life you desire... initially.

... but once the means for said life exist, being becomes the path to fulfillment.


The question I awoke with today was this.

"How much time do I spend each day thinking about energy & frequency as opposed to materials & things?"


Matter is logical... it's linear and contains transactional terms.


I do this thing to get this outcome.

It's how you're conditioned to think in school and how most quantify their jobs.


I work for $100 per hour to make $4,000 per week... and I get 2 weeks vacation per year.

This means I can afford x, y, & z... but not a, b & c.


A wonderfully logical way to approach a completely illogical world... and therein lies the problem.


We exist in a universe controlled by energy, not matter.

A quantum field which we cannot accurately experience through the senses.


Don't believe me?

Think for a moment about who you would be if all your senses were stripped away.

If you can no longer see, hear, feel, smell or taste... who/what are you in that state?


You'd be more 'you' than you've ever been before.

Completely unaffected by your perception of reality... which is all that reality is.

It's this universal connectedness where you begin to see the energetic field that envelops us all.


Having senses doesn't detract from this, they merely distracts us from that which we are.

... and what we are is energy manifest in a physical realm.


When energy and matter are in alignment we call it flow and we associate it with riding a wave.

It's also where we find deep meaning, passion and purpose in our lives.


So how does one tap into the quantum and harness the power of living in absolute alignment?

By being, not doing... because in life we get that which we are, never that which we want.


In conclusion, and for sake of simplicity, recognize that everything begins and ends within you.

You get what you look for, and what you seek is seeking you.


Next time you're experiencing something that which you don't want, ask yourself this.

"How am I complicit in creating the life I say I don't want?"


Turn inward and simplify... because the more labels you remove, the more you become.


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