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Procrastination (The Aligned Advantage)

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I'm currently investigating the correlation between aligned consistency vs. consistent action...

... if they are mutually exclusive - and if/when there is a 'right time' to call something quits.


A shared trait of all the 8 and 9-figure individuals I've been able to meet is that they are remarkably consistent.

Their days, while all incredibly different, revolve around a set of steadfast rules (values) and habitual actions.


"The way you guarantee a life of misery, one devoid of success, is to be unreliable and inconsistent."

- Charlie Munger


This exploration was sparked because of recent, and rapid, developments in one of our business ventures.


As I write this I'm sitting in the Alaskan Airlines lounge at LAX waiting for my red-eye to Costa Rica.

A 72-hour visit to the country is all this trip entails... but it's because of the largest acquisition I have done to date.


What I find fascinating is that this deal has required the least amount of 'work' of any project...

... making me feel like I've been playing life on hard mode for the last decade.


This led to the thought...

"If consistency is a prerequisite of success... how do we guarantee our consistent habits are actually beneficial?"

... and I'm not quite sure I have a great answer just yet.


What I do know is that we often believe procrastination is a negative...

... yet I've found it's nothing more than a tell-tale sign you're operating outside your zone of genius and unaligned.


I used to believe that I needed to be 'always on' to be successful.

A belief rooted in a self-worth through action... not through being.


I've come to view life through a more seasonal lens as of recent...

... and it's led me to enjoy the moment I am experiencing oh so much more.


Don't get me wrong... there is a difference between consistent action and laziness.

One leads to results, and the other to nothing at all.


Therefore I believe there are a few buckets we must remain consistent in daily:

- Exercise

- Nutrition

- Education

- Mindfulness


If I show up consistently in these four buckets, I know I will be able to feel if I'm in alignment.

If I have the awareness to know the state in which I am existing - the result will solve itself.


You don't have to know where you're going to get the result you desire.


Focus on the daily inputs you can control...

... and if something doesn't feel right, it probably isn't.


Make this week a masterpiece!

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