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The Power of 4 (Your 7-Figure Biz Model)

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In 2019 I facilitated 6 international retreats.

In 2020 I had planned to facilitate 8...

... and had projected to do shy of $250,000 that year.

It would have been 8 countries, 8 weeks total, 8 5-star resorts, and 160 participants.


Then the world shut down… and we had to cancel 6 of the retreats.

I went from thinking I was going to have another year of growth to unemployed.


My immediate thought was not one rooted in fear.

Nor did “What am I going to do now…” once crossed my mind.


Instead, I got excited.


I knew I wasn’t the only one in this boat…

… and I trust my own resourcefulness more than anything else.


I knew a lot of people were going to be transitioning from IRL to URL…

… and if I could teach myself how to do it - I could help others do the same.


Queue the most transformative 18 months of my life.


I quit drinking

I started waking up earlyyyy

I started taking my health seriously

I started eating for nourishment not pleasure

I completely reinvented myself.


After 3 months I launched my first course (it flopped).

After 6 months I launched my second course.

After 9 months I made my first 6-figures selling the second course online.

After 12 months I hired my first employee.

After 18 months I had made over $500k selling the 3rd iteration of the course.

Additionally, I was investing 75% of everything I made into myself.


At one point I had taken every major online course on the market.


Then I shifted my focus to networking and finding people playing the game at 10x the level I had become accustomed to.


This meant a $100k investment into the Tony Robbins Platinum Partnership


At 24 months, I realized I wanted to shift gears...

... to pivot back towards solopreneurship (in the verticals I find interesting), and focus on high-leverage partnerships/equity deals.


I no longer have a team of 12… and I enjoy it that way.


At one point I caught myself hiring to feel important rather than from necessity.

*Because the bigger the team the more important you are… right?


My ego provided me with some very expensive lessons… the price of a true education.


Well, you’re here because you want to learn how to take your IRL business online.

… or because you want to start a new business online and set it up effectively from the get.


Here’s how!



</the psychology>

There are 4 products that go into creating a 7-figure online business.


I have never created an offer with all 4 in tandem… hence I’ve not passed 7-figures.

… but, my next offer most likely will.


So, what are they?


One is free, the other three will do multiple 6-figures each.


The 4 products are:


Opt-In (Free)

Front-End ‘LT’ ( < $249)

Monthly Recurring ( < $500/mo)

Back-End ‘HT’ ( > $4,999)


PRO TIP - Build offers front to back, but optimize back to front.


There can be some variations and nuances, but generally speaking… this is what you need. It's what all your favorite ‘guru’s’ have been rocking.


Let’s explain each one… starting from the caboose.


Back-End ‘High Ticket’:

This is a 1:1 or group coaching offer.

It has a course or curriculum element + access to a coach or calls.

The more support that you offer… the more this offer costs.

Throw in quarterly live events and this offer can grow to $100k+.


*For me, this would be 1:1 support. Starting at $18k.

**Customized based on the audit I do and per the clients needs. -> Learn More


Monthly Recurring:

This is a subscription that clients will want to enroll in after completing the front-end.

It often looks like more support, group calls, templates, SaaS or ongoing access.

The more support, access & customization… the more this offer costs.

The key here is cash flow and member retention.


*For me, this would be Align Academy. Starting at $119/mo.

**A membership designed to give you the skills our society profits off you not having.


Front-End ‘Low Ticket’:

This is something that requires a funnel or provides the ‘how’, the opt-in provides the ‘what’.

It often looks like a mini-course, an eBook, a template or tutorial.

The larger the problem it solves and the greater the ROI… the more this offer costs.

The key here is to over deliver by 10x. (If it costs $250, give them $2,500 of value).

… the key is to get them to ascend from here into your subscription or back-end offer.


*For me, this would be The Mindful Method. Starting at $250.

**How to make, market & monetize online courses, coaching & communities.


Opt-In (Lead Magnet):

This is something that satisfies an “I want more information.” need.

It often looks like a mini-mini-course, challenge, PDF, checklist or high-level strategy.

The more value it provides, the easier it is to bridge the gap on making the first sale.

The key here is to solve a problem, but at the same time expose a new one… one your front-end offer solves.


PRO TIP - Every offer solves a problem and creates a new one. You increase Lifetime Value (LTV) by ascending clients to higher tier offers and/or retaining clients.


If you’re starting out, create a low-ticket and an opt-in.


Your ‘best clients’ will want to work closer with you, and the opt-in will help you build a list.

The list is something that will be invaluable once you build the rest out.

</the system>

This is where most people get hung up.

I’m going to make it simple.


Here’s your checklist:

  • Create the low-ticket offer.
  • Turn 25% of it into your opt-in lead magnet.
  • Create a landing page for the opt-in (ask for their email in exchange).
  • Create a sales page for the front-end offer.
  • Redirect opt-in submissions to the front-end sales page.
  • Create an automated email for when they opt-in that links to the lead magnet.
  • Create a 5 - 7 day drip campaign that shares stories, testimonials, social proof, etc and drives them to the sales page of your low-ticket offer.
  • Drive as much traffic to the opt-in page as possible.

The above is the key to your first 6-figures online.


In your day-to-day, on social media, and everywhere else you share…

... you’re already talking about what it is you’re creating - because it’s your zone of genius.


If not, start… today!


When people reach out or ask you questions on the topic you’re going to send them the link to your opt-in page.


PRO TIP - Create a text replacement message to make linking the page effortless.


Once created, if you’re not getting the traction you’d like, do more.




Consistently send 100 messages per day for 90 days.


You’ll have more clients than you know what to do with.




Simple Numbers:

100 Messages Per Day @ 20% Opt-In Rate: 20 ‘Leads’ Per Day

20 Leads Per Day @ 5% FE Enrollment Rate: 1 Sale Per Day

1 Sale Per Day @ 3% Ascension Rate: 1 High-Ticket Clients Per Month


Let’s look at an example:

$149 Front-End offer price

$6,800 Back-End offer price

Total Revenue (90-Days) = $25,019

Annual Revenue = $100,076


This is without changing or adding anything, too.


Nor is it with repeat purchasers or back-end clients that go on retainer.

… this is the beginning.

</the technology>

Every offer needs technology.


Without it you won't be able to to systemize your deliverables.

… and it will become a human intensive business (and that costs $$$$).


Most make this way too complex.

Here’s your minimum viable tech stack to get to multi 6-figures.


Landing Pages (Funnels): ClickFunnels

Email Autoresponder: ClickFunnels or ActiveCampaign

Customer Relationship Management (CRM): HubSpot

*If you know how to use Zapier or Make, you can integrate this all within Close.io.



Here’s how it works…

  • You promote your zone of genius with educational content on social media.
  • You set a quota & reach out to those you know would benefit from your offer..
  • People express interest and want to learn more.  You direct them to your opt-in.
  • The ‘Thank You’ page of the opt-in is your sales page for the front-end offer.
  • They opt-in, the autoresponder emails the freebie + enrolls them in a drip.
  • The drip links them back to the sales page via testimonials, stories & examples.
  • All this gets logged within your CRM so you can see what stage people are at.
  • If you’re a pro, you’ll call & email everyone who opted-in weekly.
  • Repeat daily for 6+ months… you’ll then have enough $$$ to hire someone.


It’s not difficult… often tedious.


If you’re not seeing the results you want, educate yourself and get better.


When you're ready, here's how I can help you:

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