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Leverage (Why You're Not Worth More)

Though time is a human construct, it is finite.

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Immediacy of Action (The Travelers POV)

I've often assumed that what I want exists somewhere outside of where I am.

That I must travel the world looking for answers... only to recognize I...

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Memory Dividends (Why Money Is Worthless)

I've written quite a bit about technology... but not much on the impact it's having on society.

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Infinite Banking (The Game You Didn't Know Existed)

I was going to wait to write this newsletter…

… but with the recent collapse of SVB (and bailout), it feels like the right time.

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The Power of 4 (Your 7-Figure Biz Model)

In 2019 I facilitated 6 international retreats.

In 2020 I had planned to facilitate 8...

... and had projected to do shy of $250,000 that year.

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How You Can Travel The World For Free

There's an opportunity brewing for those with location independence... and if you're now part of the remote working community, chances are you want...

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Why You're Confusing Wealth For Self-Worth

The bigger the business... the more important I will be.

This was the belief dictating every action, decision & choice I made over the past decade.

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