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Effective Presence (Dealing in Definites)

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The building blocks of life are various forms of currency...

... all of which exist in a constant state of change.


We often associate "currency" solely with money.

Yet, interestingly, money is the only currency that is infinite.



Time, Energy, and Presence are all finite currencies confined to their own boundaries.


When we embrace this perspective, we often find that we've been chasing the wrong goals - driven by a societal push towards accumulation of the infinite.


This could not be farther from the truth.


Sure, financial resources can purchase back other forms of currency...

... but at what expense are you allowing the accumulation of an infinite currency to dictate the use of finite ones?


Recently, on the "Diary of a CEO" podcast hosted by Steven Bartlett, Molly Bloom (from Molly's Game) highlighted a seldom-acknowledged yet familiar currency: Effective Presence


Effective presence is the indelible impact you leave on others through your interactions...

... of which, she quantifies by utilizing what I'm referring to as the PNN Scale.


Positive - This person effectively amplifies your energy after being in their presence. - (Inspiring Interactions)

Neutral - This person has no effect on your energy after being in their presence. - (Simply Takes Up Space)

Negative - This person effectively lowers your energy after being in their presence. - (Energy Vampires)


Unfortunately, most people fall into one of the two 'N' categories.

This insight reinforces the idea that growth is often a game of subtraction - removing those that do not elevate you.


The importance of this is in the understanding that energy is your most valuable currency.

Without it, all other forms of currency lose their value and significance.


What I find interesting is that when we view our interactions and relationships through this lens...

... we shift our focus from material gains to a richer, energy-centric perspective.


Considering that everything in existence is energy, concentrating on energy and frequency allows you to evolve into the person who naturally attracts what you aspire to have in life.


This approach heralds a shift from 'Doing' to 'Being'.


To 'be'come more, you must be more... not do more.

This is the biggest lie we've adopted... apart from the belief that everything is separate.


Your desires aren't fulfilled by acquiring what you believe you presently lack...

rather, it's in becoming the type of person that is worthy of that which you desire.


The answer to this equation lies within... never without.


Happy Saturday!

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