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Law of Attraction (For Skeptics): How To Get What You Want

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I’m a realistic person.

Yet, realism comes secondary to optimism.


If you ask Munger, optimistic accounting accounts for 99% of the world's problems…

… which has only gotten me into a precarious situation as an entrepreneur once or twice.


The saving grace was an undeniable trust in my own resourcefulness…

… and the introduction to Profit First accounting back in 2020.

*I’ll share some stories about Entrepreneur Development in later editions of Inputs Only.


The places where powerful life-lessons exist are fascinating, and often feel random…

... only because we’re unable to see the full picture.


Case in point.


Growing up, my father had the news on in the background during all hours of the day.


I’m certain he believed it would keep him current with the events of the world.

… yet it made me hyper-aware of how irrelevant modern day reporting is.


In truth, I haven’t turned on a television, other than to watch an NHL game, since I was 17.


A small daily action that compounded into something I never imagined.


My lack of ‘conditioned’ inputs has given me control over what I choose to consume…

... and because of this I’ve learned to listen to my intuition plus take immediate action.


It's the key to creating new experiences.


There is no mental differentiation between plausible, probable, or absurd in my mind.

I also do not believe there is such a thing as impossible. 


If anything, it’s my calling to prove the impossible possible.


Everything that will be already is, just not everything has been discovered or assembled yet. 


It’s the duty of the dreamers to continue to advance our process of discovery. 


</the psychology>

The psychology is simple.

The only limitation you have is that of your own imagination.


Myron Golden said,

“We don’t see with our eyes, we see with our mind.

And our eyes are just one of the tools our mind uses to see.


So if our mind is blind, it doesn’t matter what our eyes can see.

But if our mind can see, it doesn’t matter if our eyes are blind.


If your mind is blind to the possibility,

Then your eyes will be blind to the opportunity.”


If you’ve got the ability to dream it, you have the ability to achieve it.

No seed gets planted without the intent of growing a magnificent tree.


When it comes to ‘The Law of Attraction,’ most believe patience is the key ingredient.

Which is true… yet most misdefine patience for laziness, assuming it will “just happen”.


Patience: The ability to endure hardship without complaint.


An easy way to think of this is what Bedros Keuilian describes as aggressive patience.

The ability to show-up at 100% effort sustainably and consistently despite difficulty.


Logically… this makes sense to most.

Where the ball gets dropped is in the belief that everything in life is separate…

... which is the biggest lie we’ve ever been sold in the west.


In truth, you don’t get what you want in life, you get who you are.

When you be more, you become more… and that’s when you get more.


Think back to the last time when you felt calm, connected, and whole.


Did you feel open and connected to life or closed and detached?

Did you trust in the process or were you worried about what came next?

Did things flow to you with ease or did they require exceptional pressure?


Don’t misinterpret ‘ease’.

This does not mean a lack of effort. 

It means an alignment of actions, words, and thoughts.


When you’re operating from a place of alignment, you’re vibrating higher (scientifically). 


If you get what you are, and you’re vibrating higher…

... you’ll naturally find alignment with that which matches your energy.

</the system>

So what’s the process look like to expand oneself?


Awareness → Analysis → Articulation → Action


Awareness stems from deliberate exposure to challenging circumstances.

Analysis of these circumstances exposes habitual patterns of response.

Articulation of these responses show you your present cycles of belief.


Once you know what you must change, action becomes a choice…

… and consistency the key to exponential growth.


If you’re not where you want to be in life, change the channel… you’ve got the remote.


</the technology>

For the past 3 years I’ve tracked every valuable input in my life in one dashboard.

Through constant iteration, I now have the most powerful tool I’ve ever created.


In less than 90 seconds each evening, I’m able to clearly articulate my day both qualitatively and quantitatively.

This provides me with trends that show when I’m on to something expansive, as well as when I’m contracting.


Even if the outcome you’re searching for isn’t clear…

… when you track your inputs, it’s clear when you’re living in alignment and not.


My personal productivity tracker is my gift to you.

You can download a copy here… and be sure to watch the instructional video.




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