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Emotional Mastery: The Entrepreneurial Secret

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A fallacy is a mistaken belief… especially one rooted in an unsound argument.

In business, and life, it’s often believed that what comes easily is correct…

… and what is difficult is not meant to be.


I believe this to be true in some cases, but I’ve found the path to entrepreneurial success via business psychology exists by going through the fire… never around it.


It’s why I continually remind myself that when things get tough, this is where most people quit… and that is why they are not successful.


Your personal and professional life are interconnected… as is all of life.

Because life is an internal game, you must learn to understand and manage your emotions.


The better you become at understanding yourself, the more you’ll increase your capacity for entrepreneurial success.


</the system>

In line with my beliefs surrounding systems thinking, creating ones to support your emotional well-being are paramount.


This means setting up routines, habits, and activities that keep you dialed in.


I’m in a perpetual state of experimentation with my own optimization…

… but here are a few of the constants in my present routine.


  1. Vigorous exercise every morning is an absolute MUST. This centers my thought process, challenges me physically, and aids in outworking any self-doubt.

  2. A morning walk with music, a podcast, or audiobook. I must walk my dog every day, and I’ve turned it into a learning ritual. The walk clears my mind, and what I listen to fills it - it’s also a great reason to get outside and into nature.

  3. The MOST important system actually starts many nights before. Prioritize sleep. One night of poor sleep can set my productivity back 2 - 3 days. I’ve recently found that I’ve been chronically under-sleeping and have shifted my wake time to 6am.


The list could go on, but the above three, when optimized to fit your needs, will get you 80% of the way there to performing at your peak.


If you want a way to track your performance, you can download my Personal Productivity Tracker for free by tapping here.


</the psychology>

Your ability to grow as an entrepreneur is directly proportional to your capacity.


This means to obtain more, you must become more.


If you want to make more money… you must become financially responsible.

If you want to run a successful team… you must become a leader.

If you want to beat the best… you must become capable of making difficult decisions.


To do so, you must understand and manage your emotions or you’ll never be consistent.


Because of this, entrepreneurship is as much of a personal development game as it is that of business… and understanding the why behind your own who is key.


There are two levels to this.


The science of achievement…

… and the art of fulfillment.


“Success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure.” 

- Tony Robbins


To find the sweet spot between the two you must recognize the difference between emotions and thoughts.


Emotions are feelings.

Thoughts are things (and often stories we tell ourselves about those feelings).


When you separate the two you can identify the root cause of those emotions…

… thus leading to a deeper understanding of why you feel the way you do.


The most growth I’ve ever experienced in my life is when I find a worthy adversary.

It’s in these moments of contradiction and  competition that I’ve learned the most.


Work harder on yourself than you do your career - doing so you’ll tap into the infinite.


</the technology>

There are now a plethora of tracking, meditative and productivity apps, all of which serve a purpose - but some are definitely better than others.


I keep things extremely simple.


I use my own Personal Productivity Tracker every night before I go to sleep.

It’s been customized to fit my own needs, and you can make it fit yours.


If you’d like a free copy, tap here.


I also just started using the App ‘Open’ which is a local studio in Los Angeles and offers Meditation, Breathwork, and Movement… catered to fit your needs.


It’s epic and the instructors are incredible.


The key here is not to assume an app will make you successful…

… but to place accountability on yourself and honor your own word.


This is how confidence is born… 

… and if you can’t trust yourself, why should your clients?



Remember… If your personal ambitions are larger than the business, the business will never outgrow you. If your ambition to build a business is larger than your personal ambitions, you will always grow to the level of talent that you can attract.


THIS is exactly why entrepreneurship is a game of personal development.


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