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Immediacy of Action (The Travelers POV)

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I've often assumed that what I want exists somewhere outside of where I am.

That I must travel the world looking for answers... only to recognize I had them the whole time.


I'm writing this drinking a Cappuccino at Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort in Nosara, Costa Rica.

My 4th time hosting a retreat here... but 1st time I've been the man I am today sitting in the cafe.


Thinking back to the last time I stepped foot on this property...

I remember the energy, staff, and grounds feeling different...

... catching myself wishing things were the way they used to be.


Problem is... nothing can be the way it was - it can only be the way it is.

If anything, it's nothing more than the lens of perception I am currently experiencing this moment through.




In our morning movement class I caught myself planning each moment of the week... aiming to control everything.

I should be up at this time tomorrow...

I should be in the water surfing at this time...

I should be done with breakfast and working by x, y, z time...


I was 'shoulding' all over myself.


Not only does that close me off to unexpected opportunity...

... it shuts the door on chance encounters... what I enjoy most about travel.


I'm not saying I don't want structure... I LOVE structure.

I'm pointing out the fact that when compared to my time in the EU and Africa last year, where I felt immense fulfillment, I had a few non-negotiables and everything else was open to the experience that was in store for me.


This awareness brought about the recognition that travelers... specifically the 'nomadic' type, excel in one area.

When given an unexpected opportunity, they take immediate action.

Procrastination ceases to exist for digital nomads.


Yes, it's often directed towards short term pleasure...

... but living as if your life is infinite is also a very short sided perspective.


Delaying gratification at the extreme is no gratification at all.


Life is about the processing of energy - and the reward(s) are the experiences you choose.

This means the goal is nothing more than maximizing the number of experiences one obtains.


Watch where your mind goes when confronted with a dramatic simplification.

Instead of viewing this as something to be balanced... think of it more as a dichotomy to be managed.


My focus presently:

3 - 5 daily non-negotiables.

  • 45 Mins of Exercise (Min.)
  • 4x - Give Love To Others
  • 3x - Find 3 Things To Be Grateful For
  • 2x - No Technology Time
  • 1x - Meditation and/or Stillness


Focus on where you know you are your best.

Everything else will become a cherry!


Let it flow!


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