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Decision Dynamics: My View On Problems

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I define the act of entrepreneurship as seeing, and solving problems - often ones that others often can't. This requires a bit of skill, a medium-sized serving of confidence, an extra portion of resourcefulness... and a willingness to get started before one considers oneself to be 'ready.'

I'm only 30, yet have lived many lives... and when I reflect on the entrepreneurial successes I've had to date, and where I'm headed, the position I'm now in only exists because at pivotal moments I chose the path of uncertainty.

With these choices came perceived 'problems.'

Problems I view as lessons protecting and propelling me towards more of what is meant for me... that is, as long as I remain in present alignment. Doing so doesn't guarantee the outcome I want, but it does guarantee an aligned one.

As I've come to recognize through these states of problem-solving... the larger the problem, the larger the 'risk,' yes, but the larger the opportunity and potential reward. Therefore, the levels to which an entrepreneur is able to grow are directly proportional to the amount of risk they're able to withstand.

Further... in a world filled with problems, the entrepreneurs who can recognize, ideate, risk-mitigate, and decide on a path the quickest are the ones who reap the rewards. This isn't to say one must make spontaneous decisions quickly, but instead have laid a foundational system that allows them to effectively analyze in the moment.

The latin root of 'decision,' is De means Off and Caedere means Cut
This signifies a decision is actually cutting off of all ancillary possibilities. 

This scares most people, because what if they're 'wrong.' When you realize the missing ingredient is resourcefulness, then there is always a way. Very few things in life are truly permanent and most decisions are two-way doors.

With this added element of 'reversibleness,' not only does the outcome become irrelevant... because on a long enough time horizon all potentialities can be actualized, but so too does your perceived problems.

The game, then, isn't about the decisions you make... instead, it's about your decision-making process (system).

In his book, Clear Thinking, Shane Parrish details the reasoning why outcomes don't dictate good, or bad decisions.

"The goal isn't to be told what to do [by an expert], rather, it's to learn how they think about the problem and which variables they consider relevant... and how those variables interact over time."

Therefore, the success you seek won't be found in a spontaneous 'correct' decision... instead, it will be found within yourself once you've become the person capable of handling the risk required to work through the problem.

*This is where mentors, those who have done the thing before, can fast track how you think about the problem... otherwise, success will be found within the education received from encountering perceived problems and 'failing.'

I'm not sure where on the Pareto spectrum success lies, but if we're following the principle to a 'T,' it would only make sense that you're not truly pushing the limits of what is possible unless 80% of those that know you don't understand or are adverse to what you've set out to do... leaving just 20% as raving fans.

If this assumption and Kevin Kelly's essay proves true, you will only ever need 5k customers.

When viewed through this lens and scale, success becomes far more approachable... and in the end, when you place your focus on becoming the person capable of handling the risk required to actualize your dream, the dream becomes irrelevant - because you become the person you subconsciously set out to be at the start.



Quote On My Mind:

"The race is an event, fitness is a practice.
The wedding is an event, love is a practice.
The graduation is an event, education is a practice.
The heart, mind and body are endless pursuits."

﹣James Clear

The process is the reward, never the event.
Enjoy today or you'll be left searching for tomorrow.

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