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Complicity: It's Always ALL Your Fault

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In the past, I've caught myself saying "How crazy is that?" in response to synchronistic moments...
... yet I believe if we zoom out, our lives become nothing more than a continuous series of them.

In line with this, I've come to realize that we are only ever limited by our most successful thought...
... and our lives are a mirror of the experiences we create space for.

The trouble is, we often only create space for the known... because it exists in a logical pattern of thought.
Then, when something exponential happens we call it serendipity because we've been told energy works linearly.

Subscribe to the belief you wish, but if the latter is true, which I believe it is, you are only limited by your imagination.

The question we must ask is NOT:
How do I create what I want?

The question we must ask is:
How do I make space for the energy of creation?

This means getting more becomes a game of subtraction, not addition...
... and if we must subtract to grow, we must remove more of what we don't want.

First posed by VC and Silicon Valley OG, Jerry Colonna (See Tim Ferriss Interview), the question was:

How am I complicit in creating the conditions I say I don't want?

This question will get you fairly far, especially if you've done a fair amount of work...
... but the real expansive moment comes from recognizing you believe to benefit from what you say you don't want.

So, to follow the above question, ask yourself:

What benefit do I get from the conditions I say I don't want?

I challenge you to use these as a journal prompt...
... and please, share with me your results.

Find the root cause of the input, and you'll find the true output you desire.



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Quote On My Mind:

"We are all just mirrors of the experiences that we’ve had.
Often when two people debate, they are not actually debating...
They have different behavioral set points like risk tolerance, and are just speaking over one another.

﹣Cal Newport

Putting yourself in someone else's shoes takes on new meaning when you consider their life experiences.
Yet it makes you all the wiser because, fact of the matter, we're mostly just recreating past patterns.

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