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Identity Development: Same Input, Different Output

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Until recently, I thought trauma was bullshit.

… and I still do after hearing Dr. Gabor Mate’s definition.


He defined trauma as:

“Not what happens to you, but what happens inside of you in response to what happens to you.” 


This means trauma is a choice.

How you respond to events… is a choice.

Who you become because of those events… is a choice.


To think the opposite is true is to believe things are fixed the way they are.

Yet, other than death, the only constant in life is change.


I became interested in the subject… I mean really interested.


I never realized how far down the rabbit hole one could go…

… and how the root of all trauma is victimhood.


On the path of Entrepreneur Development... why not instead choose to be the victor of your circumstances?


Here’s how…


</the psychology>

Your identity is not something you’re born with; it develops over time.


Experience shapes the way we think, speak, and behave.


We learn from our parents, peers, mentors, models, and society… 

… developing habits and routines to make us be more or less like them.


These habits and routines become how we identify.


A man is not obese because of his beliefs.

A woman is not anxious because of her beliefs.

A ‘insert noun’ is not the way it is because of what it believes.


Beliefs do play a role in identity development, but are a poor substitute for experience.


In essence, our identity is the software that runs on our brain's hardware.


Our hardware may be almost exactly the same…

… but some of us have different operating systems.


Your identity creates your thoughts

Your thoughts determine your actions

Your actions design how view of the world

Your view of the world designs your destiny


Capability is rooted in your identity.

When you use experience to expand your capacity, so too does your identity.


</the system>

Dr. Joe Dispenza discusses this in his book Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself.


“Your personality creates your personal reality.”


Seeing as everything we see, hear, feel, and experience is subjective…

… so too is our view of reality. *Not to be confused with actuality.


Most create their reality from their senses…

… and therefore are limited to only what they can logically perceive.


Instead, what if you created from energy… from the quantum field?

If this be the case, then the only limitation placed upon you is that of your imagination.


This isn’t some woo-woo thing; it’s practical neuroscience with data to back it up.


Everything is energy, and the sooner you recognize this interconnectedness…

… the sooner you’ll be able to create a new personality from your new personal reality.


</the technology>

Similar to installing a new program on a computer…

… you must first delete the old programming currently in operation.


The first step in change is awareness.

Therefore the first step in improving oneself is through awareness of the self.


This is where most who’ve never entertained the subject of personal development shut down and put up their walls.


They assume personal development is some kind of witchcraft or wizardry.

… and while it may be, the results provided are undeniable.


I believe deep down that everyone is capable of change…

… and while that may be overly optimistic, that’s my personal reality.


I believe that once something is brought into your awareness, you have a choice.

You can either shut it down and out, or you can stand up and face it.


One provides more short term pain, the other, long term.


So when faced with a challenge…

… choose the one that hurts now and sets you up for success later.

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