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Reflection: The Art & Science of Progress

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I've noticed a pattern in myself... one that coincides with moments of immense growth.
It appeared to be insignificant at first, yet turned out to be a source of expansion.

As I sit here and think about it, it's fairly obvious...
... yet it has not been part of my routine in the past.

It first happened almost four years ago when I launched Systems for Success (Podcast).
... but in truth, it's been presenting itself at key moments my entire life.

I have a bias for action, I know this, and I often throw caution to the wind.
In this scenario, I started creating content without really thinking it through.

What I did know was that it needed to be perfect - the definition of which is ever changing.

Reflecting back, the content was not what I would have required it to be today...
... but there's something to be said for getting it done and learning out loud.

The pattern I noticed is the same one I've utilized today: Reflection

It's why this newsletter has provided me so many invaluable insights...
It's why the launch of the Inputs Only Podcast has done the same...
It's why sharing/learning out loud is incredibly important - regardless of the quality...
... because anything done consistently will compound (and improve over time).

To make very clear...
It's not the act of creating, sharing, or publishing that is most important.
It is the reflection -> iteration -> improve process.

If all you do is create, sure, you'll improve in proportion to the frequency you do so.
Increase that frequency and reflect & obsess over what could be - you soon won't recognize your work.

Deduced down to the input... you're only ever as good as your level of awareness of the output.


In tandem with the above, I've realized that I obsess over the little details for a few reasons:

1. I care deeply and that leads to an OCD level of perfectionism.
2. I care deeply about what others think - to a fault.

We all want to be loved, accepted, and cherished... and there's nothing wrong with that...
Yet the work I create, publish, and promote for myself always performs the best.

If I've learned anything thus far...
... do it for you - everything else is irrelevant.



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