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Definitive & Definite: Controlling Your Narrative

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The awareness watching, engaging, and creating podcasts provides is unmatched.
A long form way of observing how you show up for yourself and others... utilizing every sense and modality.

Last week I wrote about The Art & Science of Progress which was a deep dive into the practice of reflection.

Shortly after publishing, I watched two episodes of The George Janko Podcast (Andrew Tate & Jordan Peterson), and then Lex Fridman & Bill Ackman. In comparing these with some of the other podcasts I enjoy (Chris Williamson, Tim Ferriss), I noticed the best interviewers take a definitive stance and their language is congruent because of this.

If you listen closely, you'll hear novice interviewers incorporate language to soften the question:

Sometimes, Like, Maybe, Feel, etc.

I've found this in my early writing / interviews, and in topics I didn't fully research or spoke on before experiencing.

For me, it feels like a way out... a way to not been seen for your values - so as not to upset someone...
... yet, I choose to listen to those who do let themselves be seen, and they enlist a following around them because of it.

Distilled down, what I've found for me is that it stems from a desire to be accepted.
That if I chose to not take a side, I'd be accepted by both.

This not only creates superficial relationships, it prevents you from deeply connecting over a shared thing.
... and in the end, you aren't accepted by either crowd - instead of having an authentic support system.

You can never be the right thing for the wrong person...
You can also never be the wrong thing for the right one.

When you are definitive & definite, you create polarity in the space you choose to hold.
This will not only repel those who aren't right for you... but also lead to attracting those who are.

Find what you believe to be true and dig your heels in.
You'll learn more about yourself than you'd think.

Find your truth, live in your truth, and always speak your truth.




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Inputs Only Podcast:

Cody Levine is an ironman, brand builder, and the co-founder of *Twice
*An oral wellness brand focused on balancing your oral microbiome for a brighter you.

What Is The True Value Of A Smile?

In this episode, expect to learn Cody's framework for disrupting a $33B industry, how to remain mindful in the face of adversity, his sink or swim mentality when it comes to relationships, how he redefined prayer and praise, and more. 

How To Mindfully Disrupt A $33B Industry - Cody Levine | E07
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Quote On My Mind:

"Who's opinion do I care about more than my own?"

﹣Alex Hormozi

If you're feeling stressed in a given situation...
Consider asking yourself this question to expose why.

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