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Creative Finance: How To Get To Yes

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Real estate never interested me in the past... due to its ubiquitous nature.
It was a limited perspective surrounding something with infinite possibility.

In line with this, I've had quite a conflicting set of beliefs since I was a child.

I've always wanted to 'fit in' and be part of the crowd...
... yet I've also wanted to stand on my own two feet in a unique way.

Over the last few years I've observed myself and my interests - in an effort to understand what makes me tick.
What I've realized about myself is that what I most enjoy is uncommon knowledge, and unconventional paths.

Ex. Infinite Banking, Creative Finance, Self-Directed Investments, Tax-Loopholes, etc.

The reason I opposed real estate was because it felt conventional... a conditioned view instilled by my father.
*Get a good job, save your money for a down payment, buy a house, white-picket fence... yadda yadda yadda.

It's the story we have been sold, like so many others:

- Money doesn't grow on trees.
- Diversify to get multiple streams of income.
- Renting is throwing money down the drain.

I must add something relevant... I don't believe 'rules' exist.
I believe there are recommendations... but they were created by people no smarter than you or I.

Plus - While the word 'NO' is a great boundary-creating mechanism, it's an opportunity killer - should you listen.

Because of this, I wanted to oppose everything I was 'taught.'
I looked for, and continue to find alternative ways to approach business and life.

Most recently, my focus has been on the world of creative finance and the psychology of money.
The last few weeks I've been primarily studying Peter Thiel and Pace Morby, and I heard something that stuck.

Pace was sharing a story about the week he had recently spent in mastermind with Tony Robbins, and he asked the big man a really great question. Pace proposed the following:

"As you've become a more astute business man and investor, you're obviously being presented an increasing number of potential opportunities. What system or formula have you created to know what to say no to?"

Incredible, right?

What stuck with me most is Tony's response to Pace.

God didn’t put you and I on this earth to say no to opportunity.
He put the .01% on this earth to find a way to say yes.

Whatever it is you feel called to do, know the only thing stopping you... is you.

If you can dream it, you can achieve it.

Your only true limitation is that of your imagination...
... and if you feel you fall into that .01% - you were put here to find a way.

Happy Saturday!



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Quote On My Mind:

"Greatness is inspiring the people next to you."

﹣Kobe Bryant via Lewis Howes

We often believe success is an accomplishment.
When you strive for greatness, success is a state of being.

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