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A Hack To Calm Your Mind

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In college I thought I wanted to be a writer.

I would lock myself in my apartment, sans lights and with a bottle of whiskey.
My words would take on a life of their own... and no, none of them were ever produced.

I want to get back to writing longer form content. (In a much healthier way, of course.)

With my birthday approaching, and as I reflect back on the times in my life I've grown exponentially...
... it always comes in response to integrating a new lesson — which I break down by writing about.

This newsletter has served that purpose for me for almost two years now.

Some weeks are shorter than others (like this week).
Others have become multi-day prompts themselves.

Needless to say, writing is here to stay... and an incredible input for taking what I feel and distilling it down.
It's shown me I am not my thoughts, it's never as bad as you think, and that someone else has experienced it too.

Read to fill the mind.
Write to empty the mind.
Exercise to calm the mind.
Meditate to train the mind.
Sleep to restore the mind.

It all starts and ends withIN you.



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Inputs Only Podcast:

Dallas Clounch is the founder of The AI Surfer, a company on a mission to help you leverage AI to better your business and life.

What Is AI... and How Do We Leverage It Effectively?

In this episode, expect to learn about artificial general intelligence, how to protect yourself in the age of cloning, why your ChatGPT prompts suck… and more.

Including my personal favorite, how AI will aid in expanding consciousness.

How To Navigate Artificial Intelligence - Dallas Clounch | E12
Tap here to watch on: YouTube | Spotify | Apple



Quote On My Mind:

“Is that assumed or confirmed?”

— Jeanna Torre

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... and every time they can be used to make lemonade - should you choose.

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