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When Work Inhibits The Real Work

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I've felt less called to write recently... not because of any type of creative block, but because I've been sharing much more openly with those in my life.

Writing, in the past, was a cathartic outlet for me to be able to express myself. It was a daily practice of capturing a moment in time on the page; a way of providing a voice to the internal monologue I've come to know so well.

Instead of internalizing that monologue, I've started sharing it openly with others. 

It's amazing how effortless communication becomes when transparency is the foundation which relations are built.

The part of this which has been most rewarding, for me, is that my monologue was something I felt I must control. I thought that if I exposed my true thoughts, I would, in a way, be exposed as well.

I believe I've traced this belief back to the pedestal I placed my mom upon - one that I compared everyone against. This prevented me from connecting deeply with others solely for who they are... because I subconsciously compared others against a false ideal of that which I thought they should be. An impossible standard that doesn't exist.

There is an effortlessness to life that presents itself when you stop judging your own thoughts as you, when you recognize that you're the awareness of them, and when you intentionally set out to get to the root of your beliefs.

Beliefs are what you believe to be true.
Values are what you think are important.

I used to think my beliefs required others belief to be true, but really, my beliefs don’t require others to believe them... and the more I release the need for my beliefs to be held in someone else's regard, the easier it becomes to simply be.

Less... but better!



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Quote On My Mind:

"Is my objective to minimize pain or maximize love?"

— Kevin's Therapist (BP)

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