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Meditating on Change

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Change is an interesting subject.

On one hand, it appears suddenly...
... elsewhere, it's a painfully gradual process.

Yet the more I think about change, the more I realize it's a constant.
... and what shift is your perspective of the given circumstances.

Here's what I mean:

Life, in my present opinion, exists on two axes... growth and decay.
Contrary to what most believe, there is no "remaining the same."

Therefore, change exists in every moment – nothing staying the same.

The belief I'm deconstructing in this is that stagnation opposes striving.
Which I believe it does – but is stagnation the same as creating space?

This is where I get caught up, unable to delicately decipher between the two.

At what point does intentional presence end and sacrificial striving begin?
... because if I don't 'do' anything, how will anything ever get done...?

Let me explain...

I find myself thinking in absolutes and non-negotiables...
... which has, in the past, teased out a lot of life's colorful moments.

It's a state that has a time and a place, specifically in business...
... but one that doesn't have much of a reason for existing outside of that realm.

What my mind aims to do is create a simplified binary decision – which doesn't exist.

Now this is where it get's interesting...
... because if our only limitation is our imagination – how do we know when to press and when to pause?

The answer I've come to is an extremely non-absolute, colorful, and emotional one.
One that consistently asks, "Is this is alignment with me, right now?"

It's a subjective and highly qualitative questions...
... and one that most certainly will dictate your destiny.

Yet if we remove our only limiting factor, our imagination...
... we're left with an energetic and intuitive vessel – which can explore the world.

This requires a deep sense of trust within yourself, and a belief that you're right on time.
Because, if you are, and you remain aligned, you'll never need to fixate on an outcome again.

Breathe, be and show up daily – it'll all turn out better than you could ever imagine.



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Quote On My Mind:

"Life gets hard for one of two reasons.
1, It's because you need to change direction.
2, because what you’re doing is no longer in alignment."

— Mo Gawdat (via Diary of a CEO)

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