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Mindset (3)

AI: How Human Psychology Determines Outputs

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a rapidly growing field of technology…

… one that is changing how we interact with the world.

It has the ability to...

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Engineering Happiness: Creating States of Celebration

Happiness is an interesting topic.

In part, because most think of it as a destination.

A place to ‘get to…’ 

That when they do all will be right in...

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Multipotentiality: Your Personal Yellow Brick Road

I refuse to believe there is a predetermined outcome for one's life.

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Work vs. Play: Your Identity Crisis

For most of my life, I’ve lived two lives.

I have my professional life.

The one I've crafted to control my external perception.

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Law of Attraction (For Skeptics): How To Get What You Want

I’m a realistic person.

Yet, realism comes secondary to optimism.

If you ask Munger, optimistic accounting accounts for 99% of the world's problems…

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The Spontaneity Game (Installing Novelty)

There are *six basic human emotions.

Thousands of variations within each.

Yet most only experience the same eight shades every day…

… making life...

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Events vs. Retreats (The Transformative Difference)

In 2017 I started my first ‘official’ business, Synchronicity Yoga LLC.

I was working for Hyatt Hotels Corporation at the time and had helped them...

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Emotional Anchors (Creating Consistency On Demand)

Emotions are energy in motion.

Patterns of being that get installed on a subconscious level through experience(s).

One problem is that most create...

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Monk Mode (How To Get What You Want)

You’re not fulfilled. 

… not because you have what you want…

… but because you feel like you’re not progressing toward something you do..

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The Single Trait That Made Me Successful

Other than death, life has no absolutes.

What now serves as my greatest strength once crippled me.

Five years ago I was drunk, down and didn’t have...

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