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Psychology (3)

Assumptions... Your Actions Are Not Yours

I've grown increasingly interested in the why behind the who the last few years.

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Alignment Advantage (Living 'On Purpose')

I grew up, as did most of you, thinking you must 'work hard' to succeed.

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Comfort vs. Ease (Living With Grace)

I'm notorious for being hard on myself.

... for punishing myself if I overslept.

... for pushing the limit to see where I break.

... and for tempting...

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Immediacy of Action (The Travelers POV)

I've often assumed that what I want exists somewhere outside of where I am.

That I must travel the world looking for answers... only to recognize I...

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The Mirror Principle (Finding Fulfillment)

*takes sip of coffee on a terrace deep in the Costa Rican jungle"

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Creating Presence (Meditating on Impermanence)

Flexibility is something I've struggled with most of my life.

Not because I'm opposed to change, but because I've associated the word with leniency.

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Memory Dividends (Why Money Is Worthless)

I've written quite a bit about technology... but not much on the impact it's having on society.

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Igniting Creativity via Physical Challenges

The past few weeks I have been building a new offer.

At points, the creation energy hasn't been there... and instead of forcing it, I've leaned into...

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Environmental Anchors: How To Create Yourself

Ever notice how certain environments create specific internal states?

How intentionally designed a 5-star resort is…

How complementary the service...

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Identity Development: Same Input, Different Output

Until recently, I thought trauma was bullshit.

… and I still do after hearing Dr. Gabor Mate’s definition.

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