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Platinum Partners: The Tony Robbins Cult

A few weeks ago I wrote about Self-Sabotage, and how I was first introduced to the Tony Robbins world during a team offsite. On day 3 of that event,...

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UltraMarathon: My Journey From 1 to 100

A Behind-The-Scenes Look At My Most Challenge Race To Date

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Self-Sabotage: An Invisible Threat To Your Success

It's What You Know For Sure That Just AIn't So...

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Entrepreneurship: More Than Just Business

In 2020, after leading retreats for 3 years, I believed the next step for me was to open an 11,000 sq/ft multi-purpose gym in Scottsdale, Arizona....

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So You Want To Be A Retreat Facilitator?

5 Continents & 30+ Retreats Later... Here's What I've Learned

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5 Lessons From A Week with Dr. Joe

2023 Progressive Retreat in Basel, Switzerland

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Does A Structured Routine Serve Me?

A Question I'm Meditating On:

When does routine serve me, and when does it not?

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8th Wonder Of The World (Boring Work)

Life, to me, has become a game of momentum.

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Focus (Directing Your Energy Intelligently)

For the better part of the last six months I've felt scattered.

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Mind What Matters (Learn to Never Miss)

Life is cyclical, and I find we get in to trouble when we fail to let it flow

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